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Aug 15

Carlisle Area Dog ParksYaPPy HoUr! Join us! Bring your friends! Get ready for some fun!

Do you love getting out and socializing?  How about eating delicious food?  Bidding on silent auctions?  Trying your hand at winning a 50/50 raffle?  Well join us for our next Yappy Hour!!  Bring your friends; the Yappy Hour is open to more than just our dog park members!  We would love to have you.  Mark your calendars for the evening of September 11th!


Aug 15

Carlisle Area Dog ParksUNDER CONSTRUCTION!! (Hooray!)

Today kicked off the first day of cleaning up the dog park!  We are lucky to have Carns’ Lawn Care of Carlisle helping out our nonprofit.  Carns’ Lawn Care will be cutting down dead trees, clearing the small dog area of a large fallen tree, digging up weeds and spreading out wood chips in order to make our park a cleaner, better place for our dogs!

This morning the Carns’ crew will be taking down some trees, but next Wednesday, August 12th, will be the big clean-up day.  The park will be closed on Wednesday, August 12th, for the work to be completed.  If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail or Facebook!


Some weedy areas that will be cleaned out.


Carns’ Lawn Care taking care of (dog park) business!





Dec 14

Carlisle Area Dog ParksWelcome!

We’re glad you want to unleash the fun!

The Carlisle Area Dog Park was created by a group of dedicated dog owners in the Carlisle area. We wanted a safe place for our dogs to play off lead. For a small annual fee, our members can enjoy everything the park has to offer. The Borough of Carlisle is gracious enough to provide the space for us in Shaffer Park, but we’re responsible for all of the costs of building and operating the park including liability insurance.

FullSizeRenderRLet us tell you about the park…

We have about four acres at Shaffer Park and we’ve already created three fenced-in areas – one for big dogs, one for small dogs and a third for special purposes and to link the big dog area to the main entry way. We consider dogs over thirty pounds to be big dogs and those under are small dogs. If your dog is within five pounds of that size, we’ll help you determine the best area for you and your dog to have a great time.

Tell me about the rules…

We want everyone to be safe and have a great time. That’s why we created a set of rules (CADPA-Rules-rev-1.1.13) for everyone. The board did a lot of research and had many discussions before we created the rules. Each one is based on best practices as well as common sense. The most important rule is that all dogs must be vaccinated and licensed. The rest of the rules are pretty straightforward and we will explain each of them (including the thought behind them) here soon.

UnleashTheFunHow can I be sure my dog will like the park?

We could just tell you that we’re absolutely sure your dog will love it, but we’ll do even better than that. Just contact us and we’ll set up a special play date for you and your dog to try out the park with some of our current member dogs. We know you’re not going to be able to resist that wagging tail and big eyes once your dog has a chance to try out the park.

Where is Shaffer Park?

The park is owned by Carlisle Borough but is actually in North Middleton Township. It’s at 1649 Spring Road near the Karns Food store. The Costopoulos Chiropractic office is near the entrance to the park.

Nov 14

Carlisle Area Dog ParksDogs Annoying Cats With Friendship!

From The Huffington Post.

Mar 14

Carlisle Area Dog ParksDon’t let THIS happen to you!



Oh no!!!! Parkie’s human forgot to renew his membership and now his key fob doesn’t work! Don’t let this happen to you. If you haven’t renewed for 2014 the time to do it is now! You will need a letter from your vet showing us that all vaccinations are up to date AND you’ll need a photocopy of your county license valid for 2014. Put it in an envelope along with your membership dues and mail it to us at:

Carlisle Area Dog Park Assoc.

P.O. Box 1016

Carlisle, PA 17013

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Feb 14

Carlisle Area Dog ParksGet your very own Carlisle Area Dog Parks t-shirts and sweatshirts!

Dog park tshirtAll the best dressed humans are ordering these incredibly stylish, comfortable, heck…..down right sexy CADPA t-shirts, and now you can, too! You have from now until March 13th to get your order in. Click below for the order form, print it out, fill it out and mail it back to us before the 13th!! All proceeds go towards helping us continue to Unleash the FUN!

T-shirt & Sweatshirt Order Form CADPA

Nov 13

Carlisle Area Dog ParksIt’s that time again!!!!!

The Carlisle Area Dog Parks Association is a non profit organization that is managed and funded through the efforts of its members. We raise funds throughout the year to both pay our bills and further our mission of educating the public about the importance of responsible dog ownership and the benefits of dog parks in our communities. Electric bills (for the electronic gate), monthly insurance premiums and maintenance costs are just a few examples of why we need to successfully fund raise. But hey, we aren’t complaining! We love our fund raising events! And our favorite fund raiser is…

Yappy Hour!!!!!


(left click on the form above to enlarge the picture, then right click on the enlarged picture and select “print”)


Join us on January 18th, 2014 for an evening of fun, food, drink, silent auctions and raffles! 100% of the proceeds go towards the park. Invite your friends and family to joins us. This is a human-only event (sorry puppies).

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Nov 13

Carlisle Area Dog Parks200 wet noses, 400 fluffy ears, 800 paws……

smalldognosesmalldogears ws_Dog_on_your_screen_1024x768

…..It doesn’t matter what part you count, it all means the same thing!

Help us get 200 four-legged members by 2014.

We have over 160 canine members who enjoy unleashing the fun. We all know somebody whose four-legged best friend would also enjoy everything the Carlisle Area Dog Park has to offer – running free, fantastic smells at every tree, friend sniffing, massive tail wagging, stick chasing, group water bowl slurping, chillin’ at the chairs, runningsohardthatyousleepforhours! We can’t keep that all to ourselves, can we?

Of course not! Share the fun! Refer a friend!

From now until the end of the year, all new members get the rest of this year for free with their paid 2014 membership. 2 FREE months of all that tail wagging, tree sniffing, unleashed, “WOOF” worthy F U N!

But wait! There’s more!!

If we reach our goal of 200 four-legged members by 2014 – All new members who sign up between Oct. 1st and December 31st 2013  for a paid 2014 membership will be entered into a drawing for a FREE year’s membership for 2015! Yup! One new member will win a second year membership for their canine companion for FREE!

Not done yet! 

Current members can win a FREE year, too! – For every paid new member that you refer between Oct 1st and December 31st, your name will be entered into a separate drawing for a free 2015 membership! Just make sure that your new member notes who referred them to our park on their new membership form! *If the winning member is already a lifetime member, we promise to give you something cool!*

Click here for membership registration information and forms and we’ll see YOU at the park!


Sep 13

Carlisle Area Dog ParksSaturday’s Open Park Weekend video!

Check out this video from the first day of our “Try out the park” open weekend! We met so many new faces and had a blast! Hope to see you at the park today from 1pm-5pm for day two!



Sep 13

Carlisle Area Dog ParksOur FREE “Try out the park” Open Weekend!

The Carlisle Area Dog Parks Association presents our FREE

Try Out the Park” Open Weekend

Saturday, September 21st from 9am until 1pm and Sunday September 22nd from 1pm until 5pm at Shaffer Park (1649 Spring Rd, Carlisle PA)

All area residents are invited to join us that weekend to try out the only member run dog park in the Carlisle area! Current members will be on hand all weekend to show you the spacious, fenced in small and big dog play areas. Meet fellow animal lovers and their dogs for a weekend of bark-worthy fun!

No pre-registration is needed; however, you MUST bring the following items in order to try out the park:

LICENSE – you must have a current PA dog license tag OR the official license paperwork from your county treasurer’s office.

VACCINATIONS – you must have documentation from your veterinarian’s office showing that your dog is current on both RABIES and KENNEL COUGH (Bordetella).

SPAYED/NEUTERED – any dog older than 6 months old must have documentation from their veterinarian’s office showing that they have been spayed or neutered.

LEASH – please leash your dog while in the parking lot area (non retractable leashes are preferred!).

For more information about the Carlisle Area Dog Parks or our open weekend, please visit our website: or Like US on Facebook

email us at or give us a call at (717) 609-5433

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